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What LED Light Bulbs should I use to replace my current lights?

Your Current Bulb: 

Incandescent= 1,500 hrs

Halogen= 2,000 hrs 

CFL= 6,000 hrs

40 Watt Incandescent

13 Watt CFL

50 Watt Halogen

65 Watt PAR30

Christmas Light 1,500 hrs

36 T8 Watt Fluorescent

LED Bulbs=

35,000 to

50,000 hrs!!!

3.5 Watt LED Globe

A19 8 Watt

4 Watt MR16 LED Bulb

9 Watt UL Listed PAR30 LED

LED Strip 50,000 hrs

18W T8 LED Tube

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LED Strip Lights Price Guarantee